Craniosacral Therapy

What is CST (Craniosacral Therapy) ?

When we have an injury or overwhelming experience – whether it’s physical or emotional, recent or way back in the past – our body remembers.
It’s a natural response for our body and its tissues to contract in order to protect us during these events. The healthy response after the event for the body is to let go of this contraction. However, it sometimes isn’t able to do so. This is where Craniosacral Therapy (CST) comes in. CST helps to release the underlying holding patterns in the body so it can return to health.

What can CST help with?
Craniosacral therapy takes a whole-person approach. It works very deeply to release several fixed patterns in the body and  its tissues, including muscle, fascia and the nervous system. So it has far reaching effects on many areas of health. Some of the symptoms it can help with are:

Anxiety and Tension/Stress
Arthritis/Joint Disorderscs-image
Back Pain/Limbs pain/Muscular Pain
Central Nervous System Issues
Chronic Fatigue/Depression
Chronic Neck and Back Pain
Digestive Problems/GERD
Hormonal Problems/Menopause symptoms
Insomnia/Sleep Disorders
Immune System Disorder
Poor Healing from Sprains/Strains
Post-Surgical Dysfunction
TMJ Dysfunction………………………….and more.


What can I expect from a session?
Each session involves the client sitting or lying fully clothed on a treatment table.The practitioner will make very light contact for the duration of the session on various areas of the body – often the feet, the lower back or the back of the head. In doing this the practitioner will be promote release of the holding patterns. Clients often feel a number of sensations, such as tingling, heat or small internal movements as the body adjusts. Sometimes the client may feel so relaxed and fall asleep. Each individual responds at a different pace. While some might experience immediate relief, it may also take up to several sessions to be able to fully evaluate its effectiveness.